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An experienced IT Support & Technology Specialist with over 20 years professional
cross-industry experience.


With over 20 years experience in the computer and technology field. One to One was created in 2007 by Matt Dingle, and is based near Jodrell bank in Kermincham, only 10 minutes down the road from Chelford and Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, and Alderley Edge.


One to One supports and provides a variety of technical services to clients of all age groups. Residential, small to medium sized businesses who require computer support including a large variety of technical services. These services are available in Cheshire and surrounding areas such as Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Chelford and Sandbach.

Matt Dingle

IT Support Specialist | One to One Home Computer Support, UK


"From as far back as I can remember.. Technology has always been a massive part of my life."

Areas Covered

Holmes Chapel





Alderley Edge


Lower Withington Siddington

Over Peover Sandbach




and many more..

Most appointments are carried out at your premesis, therefore just call us to book an appointment and we'll discuss a time suitable. Below are the mains areas we cover in Cheshire East. If you cannot see your location please contact us to see if we can arrange an appointment.

Pricing & Enquiries

All work carried out big or small is reasonably priced, and generally determined by the requirement of skill, time and any parts that may be required. Senior citizens are highly regarded and discounted as much as possible. Customer loyalty, satisfaction and value is our main focus and we strive to be as cost effective as possible with any service offered. For example, we have occassionally experienced issues that just require turning things off and on again which is fairy common these days.. We tend not to charge for these little mishaps and try to assist instead of any alternative issues that may be floating around instead. We understand that sometimes the fright of something orginally being a nightmare can often turn out to be the simplist thing. We will often go through a procedure to try to ensure that this does not happen beforehand.


We do not charge call out fee's and there are no hidden costs, but it is advised that if you require something fixing, when booking your appointment please be as detailed as possible as this helps us identify the fault more better and therefore provide a more accurate quote.  Sometimes additional parts, hardware, wires or software are required for certain jobs and should be considered as possible additional extras that may be required.

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